SOLD - Inktober "Velvet"

#Inktober 2017 Day 16

Original unicorn ink and watercolor art

The first image that come to mind when I pulled out the Jazper Stardust- Finer Handmade Art Materials handmade pigment "Velvet" was that of royalty. 

This ink Uniquorn reminds you to stand in your own SOVEREIGNTY. To connect to the part of you that is infinite and eternal and ROYAL - and exists beyond the circumstances that could have you feeling powerless. 

Find - and claim - your power!!

Robin's Egg Blue is also available as a vector illustration on apparel and other products here in my Redbubble shop.

Every day of #Inktober 2017 I chose a specific watercolor for my INKspiration in creating a unique unicorn (Uniquorn) illustration. You can find the whole series on my Instagram feed!

Mellie Test