Day 28: "Cascade Green"

#Inktober 2017 Day 28

Original unicorn ink and watercolor art

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This Uniquorn has found a waterfall of grace, cascading down around her and transforming her fears and worries into bliss. The bliss of experiencing her own Nature. Because who are we, really? We must be brave enough to let our attachments be swept away. In any single moment of flow, we Know.

This piece was inspired by a tube of Daniel Smith watercolor called “Cascade Green.” It reminds me that we don’t just have to perceive things in one color.

Vine is also available as a vector illustration on apparel and other products here in my Redbubble shop.

Every day of #Inktober 2017 I chose a specific watercolor for my INKspiration in creating a unique unicorn (Uniquorn) illustration. You can find the whole series on my Instagram feed!

Mellie Test